SAAR CO offers a 1 Year Warranty on all products from the date of purchase. 
For the duration of 1 Year the SAAR CO Warranty covers any manufacturing faults to your jewellery outside fair wear and tear. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase for the warranty. In the event of broken or snapped jewellery SAAR CO will replace the jewellery at no extra cost, once the faulty jewellery has been returned to our office at the customer's expense.
The SAAR CO warranty does not cover fair wear and tear, misuse, scratches, loss, theft or fading. 
What do I do if my SAAR CO jewellery is lost or stolen?

The SAAR CO warranty does not entitle you to replacements or refunds for lost or stolen items. We recommend the use of safety chains on bracelets and insurance cover is advisable on all valuable SAAR CO jewellery. 



You have rights under the Australian Consumer Law.  If your items do not comply with a consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law (for example, if they are defective) you have other rights and remedies (including a refund, repair or replacement) under that law.’s voluntary warranty does not override your rights under Australian Consumer Law.’s voluntary warranty provides benefits in addition to your other rights and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law or any other applicable consumer law in Australia; and does not exclude, restrict, modify, limit, replace or override your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, including the consumer guarantees.

Depending on the relevant circumstances, your rights under the Australian Consumer Law may continue to apply after the end of's voluntary warranty period.  

You have the protection of consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. (Note: The general comments below are not a comprehensive or exhaustive summary of the Australian Consumer Law.)  

Relevantly, the Australian Consumer Law contains certain statutory automatic guarantees (consumer guarantees) which provide you with a basic guaranteed/automatic level of protection when you purchase jewellery in Australia.  For example, there is a consumer guarantee that our jewellery is of acceptable quality (that is, free from defects, safe, durable, acceptable in appearance/finish, and fit for wearing based on what a reasonable consumer would regard as acceptable given the type of goods, price of goods (if relevant), description/statements on packaging/labels, statements made by supplier/manufacturer about the goods and other relevant circumstances).  

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